KariSoap-The Basis for Handmade Soaps with Shea Butter


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Combine ease of use, safety and the benefits of shea butter in creating
craft soaps with our KariSoap soap base.

The Karisoap soap base from ArtSoap has been designed with
ease of use, safety and all the benefits of shea butter. Just warm it up in a
water bath, or even in the microwave, add your favorite colour with the
ColorSoap dyes and the desired fragrance, pour it into a mold and leave it to cool.
KariSoap is the ideal solution to create unique and personalised soaps, which last over

  • Easy to use: The KariSoap soap base melts easily and can also be heated in the microwave,
    making the process of creating quick and easy soaps.
  • Super Safe: Made with natural and safe ingredients, the base for soaps
    KariSoap is dermatologically tested and ensures a delicate final product
    on the skin and free of harmful substances.
  • Benefits of Shea butter: The Karisoap soap base contains Shea butter, known for its
    nourishing, moisturising and protective properties for the skin.
  • Ideal for even Decorative Soaps: the Karisoap soaps base has been
    formulated to last well over time, preventing soap from spoiling with time and maintaining
    its decorative beauty.
  • Unlimited Creativity: KariSoap is available in 2 versions White and Transparent and it can
    be easily coloured as you like with ColorSoap dyes, allowing you to create uniquely
    designed soaps.

Choose the base for EasySoap. easy, safe and versatile!


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