Non-Toxic Epoxy Resin for Tables Epoxytable 5-FIVE – Perfect Castings up to 5 cm


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Epoxy Resin for Tables and Castings up to 5 cm – Epoxytable 5-FIVE

Perfect for Wood and Resin Tables and Artistic Works!

  • 💧 The Perfect Choice for Deep Castings – Our epoxy resin is specially designed for wood and resin tabletops or artistic works that require significant thick castings (up to 5cm). Due to its low exothermic reaction and low viscosity, this resin is the ideal option for medium to high thickness lays, ensuring strong and bubble-free resin castings.
  • 💎 Impeccable Quality – Featuring a unique formula and anti-yellowing UV filters, our epoxy resin retains its transparancy over time. Its low viscosity prevents the incorporation of air bubbles, making it ideal for dipping objects and compatible with silicone and wooden moulds. With a fully glossy and self-leveling surface, complete curing takes about 48-72 hours – depending on weather and environmental conditions – but after about 24 hours it can be removed from the mould.
  • ✅ Safe and CertifiedProudly 100% made in Italy, our epoxy resin comes with a non-toxic certificate. It is solvent-free, BPA-free and odourless, which makes this material, once fully cured, absolutely safe for prolonged contact with the skin.
  • 👌 Easy to Use – With a 100:55 mixing ratio, this product is extremely easy to use. Just mix the two components according to the indicated ratio and leave to harden, without the need for any additives. This resin can be coloured with all dyes and pigments specialized for resins.
  • 📞 Support service – In addition to the instructions for use included in the package, our phone assistance service offers cordial and professional support, ready to answer all your questions on the use of our products or to recommend which product from our vast range is more suitable for your projects.

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This non-toxic (two-component) epoxy resin is designed for high thickness castings (up to 5 cm), ideal for creating wooden and resin tables and other artistic works. Thanks to its very low exothermic reaction, it allows you to work in any environmental condition, from +10°C to +30°C*, making it perfect even for the summer. This definitive non-yellowing and scratch resistant product has been specifically developed by the RESIN PRO Team to guarantee its customers the ideal material for their projects.

Main features

  1. Low exothermic reaction: allows castings up to 5 cm thick.
  2. UV filters: help maintain transparency and prevent yellowing.
  3. High mechanical strength: guarantees maximum scratch resistance.
  4. Low viscosity: facilitates the elimination of air bubbles.
  5. Long processing time: it allows you to intervene on the work to correct any aesthetic defect.

Main Technical Data (Data sheet at the bottom of the page for more details)

  • Mixing ratio (by weight): 100:55
  • Hardening time: 24-48 hours.
  • Complete hardening: 7-8 days.

It is advisable to consult the specific instructions for use and the safety regulations before applying the product.

*To work with epoxy resin in hot weather, it is essential to prepare and mix the resin quickly and efficiently, having all the necessary tools on hand. Additionally, working in a well-ventilated area can improve air quality and reduce temperatures. In the case of Epoxy5-Five Epoxy Resin for castings up to 5cm, follow the guidelines indicated in the following table:

Temperature Maximum Weight per Application Casting Width Maximum Recommended Thickness
15°-20°C 10 kg ≤10cm 5cm
>10cm e ≤20cm 4cm (reduced by 20%)
>20cm 3.5cm (reduced by 30%)
20°-25°C 16 kg ≤10cm 4cm
>10cm e ≤20cm 3.2cm (reduced by 20%)
>20cm 2.8cm (reduced by 30%)
25°-30°C 20 kg ≤10cm 3cm
>10cm e ≤20cm 2.4cm (reduced by 20%)
>20cm 2.1cm (reduced by 30%)

Technical Data:

Component Resin epoxy Hardener MIX
State Liquid Liquid Liquid
Color  Garder 1 1 1
Viscosity mPas 1900 40 400
Pot life (125g 25°) [0,27 lb 77 F] 24h
Gel time (125g 25°) [0,27 lb 77 F] 48h
demoulding days 4
Full cure 7 days (25C) [77 F]