Art Pro New Resin for Artistic floors is a two-component epoxy finish which, starting from quality raw materials and 100% Made in Italy, has been designed to cover floors or large surfaces with an unparalleled artistic touch.

This particular resin, characterized by a very high mechanical resistance, resists well the pressure caused by work vehicles such as forklifts and pallet trucks.

The Resin for artistic flooring has the advantage of being compatible with most surfaces, from concrete to stoneware, it is confirmed as the definitive product both for professional installers but also for those who have recently entered the world of resin coating.

Can be perfectly coloured with RESINPRO pigments (Powder: 2% / Liquid 5-7% – minimum thickness: 1,5mm).

High resistance floor resins


• Protection of floors or large surfaces
• Transparent top-coat for cementitious substrates
• Finishing for floors for industrial use
• Walkable and trailerable surfaces


• Gloss guaranteed over time
• High scratch resistance
• Resistance to pressure caused by large weights
• Ease of application
• High adhesion to the substrate on which it is applied
• Easily washable and resistant to chemicals
• Anti-UV filters that guarantee resistance to yellowing
• Completely non-toxic
• Perfectly workable after curing
• Repaintable as desired with polyurethane finish


Color: Glossy transparent

Consumption: Resin for floors Art Pro new formula is a self-leveling product that is applied by pouring, using a wide-toothed trowel or a long-haired roller. Total consumption is about 1.2 Kg / Sqm for 1mm thickness, about 2.2 Kg / Sqm for 2mm thickness, about 3.3 Kg / Sqm for 3mm thickness, about 4.4 Kg / Sqm for 4mm thickness and about 5.5 Kg / Sqm for 5mm thickness.

Packaging: 16.6 kg and 35 kg packs.

Storage: The product can be used within 12 months of opening and by the expiry date indicated on the package. It is recommended to protect the material from frost, humidity and direct sunlight. Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 ° C.


Preparation of the substrate
It is essential that the surface on which the resin will be applied is perfectly clean, dry and free from any type of dust. Any pollutant can compromise the adhesion of the product and the final catalysis.
Floor resin is not applicable on surfaces that contain moisture. Its density allows it to cling evenly even on surfaces with a slight slope but is not suitable for steep slopes or vertical application.

Preparation and application of the product
For a perfect catalysis it is recommended to mix the two components very well, using a stick and making slow irregular movements for about 4-5 minutes. If the work environment has a high humidity level, let the mixture rest in the container until it reaches 40 ° C (when you can feel the heat of the container by placing your hand on the wall) and proceed with casting. Being a self-leveling product, the resin for floors is applied by pouring or, if not possible, with the aid of a wide-toothed trowel or a long-haired roller. In any case, it is recommended to achieve at least 1.2mm thickness.

Applicable on:
• Cementitious screeds (1.4 Kg / Mq)
• Gres / Ceramic (1,5 Kg / Mq)
• Parquet (1.6 Kg / Mq)
• Marble (1,5 Kg / Mq)
If the surface shows leaks, defects, cracks or thinness, it is advisable to apply the resin with a roller (about 200 Gr / m2) or with Magelstic Putty.
For trolley-mounted surfaces, especially with forklifts, dust the resin not yet catalyzed with quartz powder (200 Gr / Mq – after 4h from the cutlery if in winter, after 2h from the cutlery if in the summer). Remove excess powder the next day.

The products must always be used in an adequately ventilated environment and wearing the appropriate safety devices. Before use, carefully consult the safety data sheets of the two components.

The technical information in this document is provided in good faith and derives from accurate laboratory tests. In no way does the company assume responsibility for damage to property and / or people resulting from improper use of the product.


Luigi Raco

Luigi has many years of experience as an Instructor of Wood and Resin Processing Courses. After having founded the Brand Fire of Passion, Luigi was the creator of the first course in Wood and Resin, which led him to be one of the references in Italy, France and Spain. Expert in Preparation, Casting, Polishing and Formwork, there is no subject on which he cannot give effective advice.

Andrea Puliga

360 ° assistance on resin for wood in all phases of the realisation of your creations. From Design costs to implementation and Final Finishing. Expert in the choice of products and resolution of technical problems related to the processing of resins and correct application procedures.



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