3D Christmas tree mold for DIY Christmas decorations and candles (6 cm)


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Perfect for small festive decorations 🌟, ​​this mold is ideal for creating table ornaments or giving as personalized gifts 🎁.

Its compact size makes it practical for multiple and varied projects. The creations made with the resin mold can be used to produce decorations for the home and garden. These unique ornaments add a festive and personal touch to your outdoor space.

Superior Quality:  Our molds are made of high quality silicone, ensuring long life and flexibility that allows for easy removal without damaging the design 🌟.

Versatility:  Perfect for epoxy resin, these molds can also be used with other materials such as plaster, wax, or polymer clay 🎨.

Tips for Use:  We recommend lightly lubricating the mold before use and cleaning it carefully after each use to prolong its life 🧼

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Table Decorations:  Used as centerpieces for festive dinners.

Christmas Tree Ornaments:  Paint or decorate and use them as unique ornaments for your tree.

Personalized Gifts:  Give them as handmade gifts to your friends and family.

Office Decorations:  Ideal for adding a festive touch to work spaces.

Educational Projects:  Perfect for craft projects with children during the Christmas period.

Window Decorations:  Hang them in windows to capture the winter light.

Winter Garden Art:  Paint them with weatherproof colors and use them as garden decorations.

Photography Accessories:  Use them as backdrops or accessories for winter photo sessions.

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