How to renovate a kitchen top with resin: design idea on a limited budget

How to renovate a kitchen top with resin: design idea on a limited budget

If your wooden table, kitchen countertops or cabinets have worn out over time, don’t throw them away, but cover them with resin instead. Not only can this can also be done in domestic conditions, but the resin will cover the scratches, bumps and scuffs that can often irritate us so much in old furniture, creating a smooth and shiny surface.

You can also add dyes or pigments to the resin to create a completely different colour and give your old furniture a new lease of life!

And of course we know from there, it won’t be long before all the walls are repainted! But for now let’s focus on the example of a table and see how Andy remade her table and her kitchen counter.

How did she prepare?

1) First, she decided which colour combination she wanted – two caramel dyes, a white dye, and a gold pop-up pigment were enough.

2) She then cleaned the table from dust and dirt, and covered the perimeter with adhesive tape, creating protective edges.

These “edges” are necessary, not only to avoid creating mess in the surrounding environment, but also to control the resin. In the first hour, when the resin is still very liquid, it can quickly run off the edges and stain. Remove the edges after about an hour, when the resin has already thickened, and cover with a finger or a resin spatula to obtain caramelized corners!

3) Then she chose the resin: the medium viscosity Art Pro resin. It is very versatile and easy even for beginners, but if you wish, you can also choose another one.

Andy’s drawing is simple, yet beautiful and accessible to all; sweeping abstract lines.

Pay attention to how she got a beautiful colour transition – he combined several cups with different colours into one, without mixing them with a palette knife. The video shows that this way the colours of the resin mix very slightly, creating soft colour transitions!

After the base coat, Andy added a top coat of clear resin and spread it out with a regular trowel to cover any dust particles that may have previously been applied. Also, if you suddenly decide to sand the table or damage it by making a few more corrections, don’t worry – you can always add a new layer of clear resin and it’ll give you the shine back.

But, to be honest, Andy forgot to close the window at night and the neighbour’s cat walked over it! Luckily, the cat walked on the almost dry surface, but left some traces and Andy had to coat everything with a top coat. So don’t be like Andy, don’t let cats in, and maybe you don’t even have to do a top coat.

To calculate how much resin you need for your old kitchen counter or other, use our calculator or contact us!

Download the APP to calculate how much product is needed for the resin table tops:

Watch Andy’s complete video tutorial:

And to buy the resin used by Andy, just click here:


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