EpoxyPrimer – Water-Based Universal Primer: for Stable and Durable Floors!


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Two-component water-based film-forming primer, ideal as an anchoring bridge for the execution of epoxy resin casts on floors, shelves, or kitchen surfaces.

Universal primer suitable for a variety of surfaces: from ceramic tiles on existing floors, including screeds and concrete, to cement tanks containing drinking water, as well as wood panels and its derivatives.

Specifically developed to ensure a solid anchoring base in preparation for epoxy resin casts, both for artistic and industrial use.

A two-component system based on water-emulsified epoxy resins, hence free from annoying and unpleasant odors, enhanced with inorganic structuring agents to provide maximum performance in terms of resistance, durability, and adhesion to the substrate.

Does not release harmful substances for human health, thus posing no toxicity issues.

Quantity in the package:
4 kg Component A + 1.6 kg Component B

Ratio 100A: 40B – catalyzes in 24-48 hours at room temperature.

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Packaging quantity:
4 kg Component A – 1.6 kg Component B ( enough for approximately 25 m2 )

The ResinPro EpoxyPrimer product can be applied with a roller, brush  or spatula  with  a minimum consumption of 100g/m2 up to 300g/m2 , based on the condition of the support on which it is to be applied. The greater the porosity of the support (concrete), the greater the quantity required and the dilution ratio can vary from 5% up to 20%. However, in the case of tiles or other less absorbent surfaces, 100g/m2 will be sufficient.

If the surface obtained is not homogeneous, it is advisable to reapply a coat of EpoxyPrimer after 24 hours.

Ratio 100A: 40B – cures in 24-48 hours at room temperature.


New wall surfaces (screeds/concrete/cements): Leave the casting to cure for at least 4 weeks and make sure that no additives such as waxes and silicones have been used in the finishing layer. Scrape off any loose lumps and dust well with a vacuum cleaner.

Check that the floor is dry and that there are no signs of capillary humidity rising from the substrate. The application is not recommended with relative humidity above 15%. To improve the adhesion of the epoxy, it is advisable to treat the support with a 10% solution of muriatic acid, leaving it to act until the typical bubbles on the surface are no longer visible. Then rinse thoroughly with water and let dry completely before proceeding with painting.

Already painted wall surfaces : Carefully check the rising humidity as in the case of new surfaces (see humidity specified above ). Carefully remove any grease and grease stains. These must be removed with suitable detergents. Rinse immediately.

On particularly dusty substrates or floors with evident chalking of the support, a preventive consolidating treatment is recommended by applying a specific water-based primer

Even in the case of particularly dirty floors already in use, it is advisable to treat the surface with a solution of muriatic acid as described previously. In the event of significant rising damp, our team is available to advise you (contact section).

in the case of damaged/irregular floors (cracks or missing parts), first carry out any grouting with Majestic Epoxy Stucco loaded with quartz flour having a grain size suitable for the restoration in question, eliminating dust residues with abrasive paper and any dust with a vacuum cleaner, before proceeding with the application of the primer.


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