How to Mould and Make your own Resin Handles for Resin Trays. ‘Pure Mold’ Review.

In today’s video you will see how to easily make moulds / molds of handles and jars. The handle mould can be filled with epoxy resin to create matching handles for your resin projects or for anywhere else for that matter and the jar mould is perfect for making jars for loose pigment powders or glitters.

This video is a review of Resin Pro’s Pure Mold Liquid Silicone Rubber and although the items in the video were given to me, my review is completely unbiased. Resin Pro have MANY different resins to suit any project and their range of pigments, moulds and much more is well worth a look.

They ship all over Europe, the shipping is fast and if you spend over £60 it is free.

If you would like to see the Tray tutorial where I used today’s handles please click the link below.


  1. Good evening, do you by any chance have a starter kit? Thankyou

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