How to casting dried flowers in epoxy resin

How to casting dried flowers in epoxy resin

Casting dried flowers in epoxy resin can be a problem for many resin artists. Flowers, even when dried can be an annoying source of unexpected micro bubbles which can be frustrating and disappointing.

Fortunately, there is an answer to this problem and in Louise video will demonstrate to you how, by cleverly pre-coating your flowers and then immersing them in iCRYSTAL 5 resin you really can achieve glass like flower castings with or without a pressure pot.

Louise Says:

I was stunned by the clarity of iCRYSTAL 5 and I think you will be too.

Here are the simplified steps from the video.

  1. Thoroughly dry your flowers and foliage before immersing in resin. I recommend Silica gel crystals from Wisedry.
  2. Flowers, even when dry can create micro bubbles in resin so the following steps will be a great help. Mix up some resin in a tall plastic cup (about half full). Next dip your flowers into the resin until completely coated then hang them up over a plastic sheet to protect your surface. When the coated flowers have cured you can begin your casting.
  3. Insert your flowers into your mould, mix and pour enough iCRYSTAL 5 resin to reach a maximum dearth of 5cm. If your flowers are not completely covered allow the resin to cure and repeat the process.
  4. Once the deep layer has cured, trim the flower stems and pour 2cm layers of Transparent resin – allow curing time between layers. These layers can be coloured with pigments of your choice or, for a magical touch you can add Galaxy Starlite glitters.
  5. Repeat your shallow, coloured layers until the mould is full.
  6. If you would like a hollow space inside so you can add a light it is possible to create a square, acrylic barrier and place it into your first shallow layer then pour the following layers around the sides of the barrier.

For a more detailed explanation please see Louise video tutorial .

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