How to make a crystal with a real flower inside?

How to make a crystal with a real flower inside?

How to make a crystal with a real flower inside?

First you need to dry the flower because otherwise the color changes once it has been covered with resin (for example, the color of the rose becomes “green” if it has not been dried before).
Afterwards it is necessary to clean and dry the mold well. Put the flower in the most typical position. Finally pour the resin and let it harden.


There are different types of crystals and to have a mold of a crystal with the specific shape we recommend our casting rubber and fimo (you will find here below the link). Create a crystal with fimo and put it in the oven to harden.


Next step – reproduce the crystal in order to be able to use it with the flower. Prepare the base

Prepare the base (as you see in this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLbxihmeaTwlpIFiEC2wT_TtscfHChggbu&v=9vX0RahinBo),

put the crystal in the formwork, pour the rubber and in 24 hours you will have the mold with the shape that you have created!


Like flowers, you can put any object in the crystal. For example, as did our creative Angenia Creations, using Fimo and Transparent Epoxy Resin.




Here are the links to find out more about our products: click here to learn more:

la gomma: https://resinpro.eu.it/prodotto/gomma-siliconica-liquida-da-colata-gr-500-per-stampi-bicomponente-a-b-2/

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