How to make a crystal with a real flower inside?

How to make a crystal with a real flower inside?

How to make a crystal with a real flower inside?

Firstly, the flower shall be dried, otherwise the colour changes once it is resin-finished (for example, the rose may turn “green” if it has not dried before).

Afterwards, it is necessary to clean and dry the mould thoroughly. Arrange the flower as you like. Lastly, pour the resin and let it harden.


There are several types of crystals, and if you need to create a mould with the specific shape of your crystal, we recommend to use our casting rubber and the Fimo polymer clay (check the links below). Create the crystal with Fimo polymer clay and put it in the oven to harden.

Next step – replicate the crystal in order to be able to use it with the flower. Prepare the base

Prepare the base (for instructions check this video,

put the crystal in the formwork, cast the liquid rubber and after 24 hours the mould with the shape you have created will be ready!

Besides flowers, you can place any object into the crystal. For example, by using Fimo polymer clay and Transparent Epoxy Resin, as our creative Angenia Creations did.



Here are the links to find out more about our products:

Casting rubber:

Good work!!

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