Vertical Glass Wall Covering


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The ultimate product for those who want to decorate with creativity, in a simple and effective way from the first application!

Decorative coating, protects all surfaces from moisture and wear (including walls and sloping or vertical surfaces).


  • Can be applied with a simple spatula on tiles, cement, wood and bricks;
  • With a single application, repairs and seals;
  • Creates a new layer, perfectly glossy and resistant;
  • Can be easily sanded to achieve satin-finished surfaces;
  • Protects against moisture and gives new life to surfaces.

This epoxy formulation allows to cover surfaces and walls previously decorated with a transparent layer or to decorate them with a new colored layer, obtaining a glossy, washable and waterproof surface. It can be colored as desired with any coloring powder even metallic! In case you want to obtain a satin surface just sand it after 48h with normal sandpaper grain 1000 (or 2000).

APPLICATION: It is recommended to apply Vertical Glass with an “American” spatula. – The finish is transparent but can be colored at will with the colors of the line ResinPro – It can be applied at low thickness for a vitrified effect or at higher thickness for a greater consistency and protection – It is possible to obtain artistic effect shaping the finish once applied.

USE RATIO: the standard mixing ratio for Vertical Glass is 100A : 70B.


Classic Colors: -> 1 bottle colors up to 3,4 kg of Vertical Glass

Metallic Colors: -> 1 bottle of 10g colors up to 3.4 kg of Vertical Glass

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Coating for inclined or vertical walls and surfaces / This epoxy formulation allows you to coat surfaces and walls with a transparent layer or decorate them with a colored layer, resulting in a glossy, washable and waterproof surface.

The Vertical Glass resin differs from normal resins allows creatives to create sharp shapes and designs on surfaces and canvases without the resin mixing unintentionally losing the original design!

Transparent, UV-resistant epoxy system that creates a hard, glossy protective layer. Vertical Glass allows you to keep your initial design, faithfully respecting your creative idea!

The surface will be perfectly smooth and resistant to moisture.

Solvent-free and odorless epoxy resin.


  • Floors and Walls (pre-existing) also vertical;
  • Protection of material coatings and other artistic decorations;
  • Coating, repair and decoration of shower trays and sanitary ware;
  • Coating of surfaces, objects and furniture to give depth and brilliance to the color, even in Vertical!


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