SoyaGlow – Soy Wax: Transform your creativity into natural light!


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Create eco-friendly and scented candles with our Soy Wax for candles, the green heart of the CandlePro range. Respecting nature and loving the art of craftsmanship has never been easier. With our Soya Wax for Soya Glow candles, you can create wonderful homemade soy candles, scented with the “Aromas” fragrance line and colored to your liking with ColorCandle pigments. This organic and vegan wax, available in convenient granule packs, is ideal for those who love candle making, DIY, and all things natural. How to use: Soya Glow dissolves easily in a saucepan at 55°C, thanks to its granulated form. Once melted, you can customize your wax by adding our ColorCandle dyes and our “Aromas” fragrances. Pour the wax into your glass or candle holder and once cooled, your personalized candle will be ready to brighten your days!

  • Quality: CandlePro is an Italian brand that guarantees high-quality wax strictly European.
  • Organic and Vegan Wax: Our soy wax is 100% organic and vegan, to respect nature without sacrificing the beauty of candles.
  • Minimal Smoke: Soya Glow produces little smoke, for a more pleasant and healthier atmosphere.
  • Optimal Adhesion: Soft and versatile, Soya Glow adheres perfectly to glasses and candle holders, ensuring excellent results.
  • Easy to Use: Thanks to its granulated form, Soya Glow dissolves quickly and is perfect for customization with dyes and fragrances.

Illuminate your world with handmade and environmentally friendly candles. Join our community of creatives and artisans and add Soya Glow to your cart!

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