Soap cutter: for homemade soap like grandmothers made! (dim. 26x12x 7.7 h)


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Discover the elegant Manual Wooden Soap Cutter!

  • cutter block dimensions 28.3 x 9.3 x 8.4h
  • final dimensions of soap block 26 x 7 x 7.5h
  • corrugated cutter – complete dimensions including handle 18.5 x 12 h
  • linear cutter – complete dimensions including handle 15 x 11.5h

Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the cutter is extremely effective and allows you to cut artisan soap effortlessly . Despite its compact size, the cutter allows you to obtain up to 18 pieces of soap (1.4 cm thick) in one go . 

Safety: the cutter it is suitable for cutting the hardest soap but does not have any blade that could inadvertently hurt: for us at ArtSoap, guaranteeing you a safe and fun experience is the priority!

Quality and Durability: The manual wooden cutter is made with durable and resistant materials, designed to ensure long life. The sturdiness of solid wood and the precision of the cuts will make your cutting experience a real pleasure, like it used to be!   If you are looking for a soap cutter that combines tradition, authenticity and functionality, our Manual Solid Wood Soap Cutter is the perfect choice for you. You’ll be super excited about it!

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