Silver Metallic Effect Glass


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Discover CandleCups, the Handcrafted Glass Containers by CandlePro Bring home the elegance and charm of our glass candle containers – perfection for your DIY creations! CandlePro, with its CandleCups line, offers you a refined selection of elegant glass candle containers. With a refined and modern design, our containers blend perfectly with any decor style, creating a cozy and bright atmosphere. Whether you’re a DIY candle enthusiast or a skilled artisan, our range is the perfect companion for your creations.

  • Versatility: Our glass containers can be reused in endless combinations of colors and scents.
  • Artisan Quality: CandlePro is an Italian brand and all our products are strictly made in the EU.
  • Safety: The heat-resistant glass ensures safe burning and prevents surface cracks.
  • Sustainability: CandleCups containers are reusable and recyclable, for a concrete commitment to the environment.

Silver-colored glass, for a touch of luxury and sophistication. Your candles will shine like never before.

Dimensions: 7.28 * 8h.


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