Pure Glow: The ideal paraffin wax for your artisanal candles!


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Bring the glow of craftsmanship home with Pure Glow, our paraffin wax granules Step into the bright world of CandlePro’s homemade candles with Pure Glow, our PARAFFIN WAX for candles, which is part of the CandlePro range. Ideal for both beginners and experienced artisans, our specific candle paraffin offers you perfect results. How to use: Heat it to 59°C in a saucepan to melt it (thanks to its granulated form it melts much faster), add ColorCandle dye and “Aromas” fragrances according to your preferences and pour into the mold inside which you have placed one of our LiteLine wicks.

  • Superior quality: CandlePro is a 100% Made in Italy brand that guarantees that its rigorously produced waxes in Europe ensure brilliant and long-lasting results.
  • Versatility: Perfect for pillar candles, votive candles, but also in glass due to its resistance it does not require supports and can be self-supporting, ideal for decorated candles.
  • Low smoke emission: specific for candle making, this burning wax minimizes smoke emission!
  • Discover all accessories: Pure Glow fits perfectly with our molds, wicks, and ColorCandle candle pigments.
  • Perfect for scented candles: Pure Glow works wonderfully with our “Aromas” candle perfumes and fragrances to create homemade scented candles. Once cooled, your personalized candle will be ready!

Don’t waste time! Join our community of homemade candle enthusiasts and expert artisans who rely on Pure Glow to create their beautiful candles. Add Pure Glow to your cart today and start creating the magic of your candles!

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