Mold for 6 soaps with rounded corners (6.9*5.7*2.5cm H), the Traditional mold!


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Bring Tradition to Life with Our Small Rounded Corners Soap Mold: Rediscover the Pleasure of Homemade Soap!

Do you want to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of handmade soap? With our ARTSOAP small soap mold with rounded corners, you will have the opportunity to create multiple DIY soaps at once, perfect to always have available for your daily use.

The soap mold contains 6 molds (each measuring 6.9×5.7×2.5cm h). This size is optimal for creating soaps of the right size, easy to handle and easy to use.

Reliability: ARTSOAP, a renowned Italian brand, is known for its quality and dedication to safety. Our soap molds are produced according to all European safety standards, to guarantee you a safe experience.

☂ Long-lasting : ARTSOAP soap molds are designed to last over time, thanks to their sturdy design and high-quality material. You will be able to reuse the same mold many times, without losing the precision of the shape or the quality of your soaps.

🕑 Not just soaps! While this is their primary purpose, ARTSOAP molds lend themselves to a number of other creative uses. In addition to making soaps, you can use them to create candles, plasters and resins. Your imagination is the only limit!   Your handmade soap, scented with your favorite fragrance and enriched with your own soap colorant, will be not only a pleasure for the skin, but also a pleasure for the eyes 

Give shape to your creativity with ARTSOAP, and enter the world of DIY soap, click and buy!


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