MilkySoap – The base for handmade goat milk soaps by Art Soap


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Discover the simplicity and benefits of goat milk in creating unique and decorative handmade soaps with our MilkySoap soap base. The MilkySoap soap base from Soap Art is easy to prepare, safe, and harnesses all the advantages of natural ingredients like goat milk. Simply heat it in a double boiler (or even in the microwave), add your favorite color with ColorSoap dyes and the desired fragrance, pour it into a mold, and let it cool. MilkySoap is the ideal solution for creating personalized and decorative soaps that endure over time, thanks to its special formula.

👍 Very easy to use: The MilkySoap soap base melts easily in a double boiler and can also be heated in the microwave, making the soap-making process simple and fast.
👌 Safe: Made with natural and safe ingredients, the MilkySoap soap base is dermatologically tested and ensures a final product that is gentle on the skin and free of harmful substances.
🐐 With Goat Milk: The MilkySoap soap base contains goat milk, known for its nourishing, moisturizing, and soothing properties for the skin.
💜 Ideal for Decorative Soaps: The MilkySoap soap base is formulated to withstand the test of time, preventing the soap from deteriorating over time and maintaining its decorative beauty.
🧼 Customize Your Bath: The MilkySoap soap base is naturally white and can be easily colored to your liking with ColorSoap dyes, allowing you to create unique and decorative soaps.

Choose the MilkySoap soap base from Soap Art and start creating personalized and decorative soaps with the benefits of goat milk in an easy and safe way!

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