Ignite your creativity with ColorCandle: candle dyes, waxes, and paraffins!


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Transform your candles into a rainbow of colors with CandlePro! Illuminate your creations with the ColorCandle range from CandlePro, specifically designed for candles, waxes, and paraffins! A world of vibrant colors awaits you, from the warm shades of Red and Burgundy to the cool tones of Blue and Green, to the elegant Black and fascinating Champagne. Transform your artisanal candles into unique, incomparable, and colorful pieces. How to use: Using ColorCandle dyes is very simple: add the dye to the melted wax or paraffin and mix well. Thanks to their high concentration, even a small amount (1%) of ColorCandle is enough to intensely color your candles.

  • Wide range of colors: Choose from 14 unique colors to give your next candle, wax, or paraffin the perfect color. Plus, by mixing different colors, you can achieve endless shades!
  • Italian: CandlePro is an Italian brand, and we ensure that our dyes are produced in Europe, guaranteeing quality and safety for all your creations.
  • Easy to use: Add a little dye to the melted wax or paraffin for vibrant and long-lasting color.

Are you ready to add a touch of color to your candles, waxes, and paraffins? Discover the ColorCandle range from CandlePro and be inspired by the world of colors!

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