Honey Glow – Natural Beeswax: Bring the light of ancient tradition into your hands!


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Dive into the timeless charm of traditions with Honey Glow, the natural beeswax for candles, perfect for expressing your creativity and love for nature. Beeswax is the most authentic and traditional material for candle making. With Honey Glow, we offer high-quality beeswax, ideal for your homemade and artisanal candle creations. It revives ancient tradition, respecting the environment and the timeless charm of candles. How to use it: Heat Honey Glow to 75°C in a double boiler or saucepan. Thanks to its granulated form, it dissolves quickly. Add our ColorCandle dyes and ‘Aromas’ fragrances, pour the wax into your favorite mold. Once cooled, your personalized candle will be ready to illuminate and warm your most precious moments!

  • Italian Quality: Honey Glow is a product of CandlePro, an Italian brand that guarantees European quality of its waxes.
  • Pure Nature: Honey Glow is 100% natural beeswax, for those who love traditions and environmental respect.
  • Low Smoke: Honey Glow produces the least possible smoke, for a more pleasant ambiance.
  • Stable and Resistant: Honey Glow beeswax is ideal for pillar candles, votive candles, or colored candles as it is self-supporting and does not require support containers.
  • Easy to Use: Honey Glow dissolves quickly thanks to its granulated form and is perfectly suited for customization with dyes and fragrances.

Rediscover the magic of ancient traditions with Honey Glow. Create beautiful artisanal candles respecting nature and craftsmanship. Add Honey Glow to your cart!

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