ColorSoap Universal – The Ultimate Coloring Kit for Handmade Soaps


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Customize your soaps with ease and confidence with our innovative colorant kit featuring 5 essential colors ColorSoap Universal by ArtSoap is the ultimate easy-to-use artisanal soap colorant kit. Consisting of 5 essential colours, it allows you to obtain any desired shade, both transparent and opaque , simply by adding a few drops to the ArtSoap soap base.  Thanks to the online calculator, you will be able to see in real time the color you will obtain by changing the dosages Click here to try it ). The dyes are dermatologically tested, specific for soaps and resistant over time, ideal for creating decorative soaps that last over time.

  • Very easy to use: Just add a few drops of ColorSoap Universal to the ArtSoap soap base to obtain the desired shade (we recommend not exceeding 5% )
  • System based on 5 essential colours: The kit allows you to obtain any colour, varying the dosages and combining the 5 colors included in the package ( 30 g each ) sufficient to color up to 5 kg of any soap base.
  • Online calculator available : Change the dosages and view the color obtained in real time thanks to the online calculator Click here to try it
  • Dermatologically tested: ColorSoap Universal dyes are safe for skin and specific for artisanal soaps.
  • Resistance over time: The dyes are formulated to resist over time, maintaining the beauty of decorative soaps.

Create unique and decorative soaps that set you apart from others, thanks to the ColorSoap Universal coloring kit by ArtSoap!

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