CHRISTMAS KIT – Create your own Christmas jewels and decorations!


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🎄✨ CHRISTMAS WITH RESIN PRO: A World of Creativity! 🎨🌟

🎅🏼 Christmas is approaching, sparkling with magic and creativity!

🌈 Let yourself be fascinated by the new RESIN PRO Christmas kits, an invitation to explore the art of DIY.

🎁🔮 The kit includes:

  • 800g of Transparent Epoxy Resin: Perfect for crystalline and durable creations.
  • 500g of iGum Silicone Paste: Ideal for making personalized molds.
  • 5 Christmas Themed Silicone Molds: Unique designs for festive decorations.
  • 5 10g glitters from the New GALAXY Line: Surprise yourself with our Galaxy glitters, for a galactic effect in your creations! (surprise colors)
  • + SUPER surprise GIFT from RESIN PRO!

🌟 Each component is designed to inspire and facilitate your creativity, allowing you to create unique and personalized projects. With RESIN PRO, transform every idea into a work of art to share and admire.

✨ Bring magic and creativity wherever you go with RESIN PRO – Your ideal companion for a Christmas full of imagination and color! 🖌️💫

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  • 800g of Transparent Epoxy Resin
  • 500g of iGum Silicone Paste
  • 5 super Christmas silicone molds
  • 5 10g glitters from the new GALAXY line (surprise colours)


Transparent Epoxy Resin / GR 800 – High performance two-component epoxy system (composed of 500g of resin and 300g of hardener) for film applications (1 mm) and castings with thicknesses up to 1.5 cm. In addition to high transparency (water effect) and self-leveling properties, it provides good mechanical sealing for reinforcement and carbon fiber applications. The product is characterized by a low viscosity which reduces the presence of air bubbles after hardening and facilitates the impregnation of the carbon fibre. Excellent resistance to environmental humidity ensures a shiny and transparent surface. The product is compatible with the main coloring pastes on the market.

Transparent epoxy resin is a two-component product based on epoxy resins and associated amine hardener.

The main features of this product are:

  • high transparency,
  • excellent mechanical resistance,
  • good chemical resistance and carbonation,
  • strong impregnation and reinforcement of technical fabrics,
  • long workability,
  • shiny and self-levelling surface.

The product can be colored with any epoxy dye (both in paste and powder) in a percentage range from 0.1% to 2.0%. It can also be densified using inert materials such as powders and fumed silica.

These characteristics make clear epoxy resin ideal for the following applications:

Model making; Artistic creations; Fiberglass repairs; Protective coatings for external use; Artistic floor covering; Nautical; Impregnation of technical fabrics (fibreglass, carbon fibre, Kevlar). Workability time (150g at 30°C): 1h20′ Complete cure after 24h Film cure (1mm at 30°C): 6h00′

Subsequently, the product is compatible with the main coloring pastes on the market. Transparent resin for making jewelry and much more by pouring it into silicone molds!

SILICONE PASTE IGUM – GR 500 – two-component A + B

Silicone rubber completely in modeling paste to be applied directly on the model to be replicated. Before use, it must be mixed with its catalyst paste in a 1:1 ratio until a homogeneous colored mixture is obtained. Because it is completely non-stick on many surfaces, there is no need to wash the tools after use and there is no need to grease the model with other release agents.

Technical features:

  • Viscosity – Modeling clay
  • Workability – 5 min / 10 min;
  • A/B weight ratio – 1:1;
  • Type – Hardness – 30 Shore A.


Our new sequins from the Galaxy line will allow you to further enhance your creations, since the pigments are flakes that allow you to create fantastic 3D effects that will make your Christmas creations irresistible!


5 new Christmas molds to let your imagination run wild! Surprise your friends with snowflakes, snowmen and other Christmas decorations that you will find inside this kit!

It is very easy to use, super shiny and perfect for creating beautiful jewelry or countless decorative items.

  • Type of manual technique: Jewelry making
  • Material: Silicone
  • Weight: 21g

High quality and soft mold, no smell, reusable, easy to clean. Cooking temperature: -40 degrees Celsius to +210 degrees Celsius.


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