Aromas: The Ultimate Guide to Fragrances for Artisanal Candles


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Immerse Yourself in the Enchanted World of Durable and Intense Fragrances for Your DIY Candles

Welcome to the world of “Aromas”, our exclusive line of candle fragrances. Whether you’re a passionate homemade candle maker or an experienced craftsman, choosing the right fragrance can make the difference between an ordinary candle and an unforgettable sensory experience.

How to Use Our Fragrances

Using our essences is simple: just add 4% by weight to your wax to achieve an intense and long-lasting scented effect. Thanks to this percentage of perfume, your candles will emit a captivating aroma even when they are not lit.

Why Choose Aromas

Italian Brand – Aromas is an Italian brand that values quality and craftsmanship tradition. All our fragrances are strictly produced in the EU, ensuring high production standards.

Intense and Durable Fragrances – Thanks to the optimal percentage of essence, our fragrances last a long time, maintaining their intense aroma even when the candle is not lit.

Easy to Use – Our essences are easy to use (just add 4% to the melted wax), perfect for both beginners in homemade candle making and industry professionals.

Don’t wait, enter the world of Aromas fragrances and take your scented candles to the next level! Add them to your cart to bring home your favorite essence!

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