Ocean Resin – Special resin for Ocean Art with high density and enhanced moisture resistance


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OCEAN RESIN, the high-viscosity clear epoxy resin from Resin Pro, is ideal for creating Ocean Art effects: its color layers do not mix, allowing you to maintain the original design of your artwork, perfect for creating sea waves on your creations.

Mixing ratio 1:1, always by weight.

✨ Unleash your creativity: Create fantastic sea waves with the high-density resin from Resin Pro, designed to better withstand environmental moisture.

🌞 UV Resistant: enjoy the longevity of your art! OCEAN RESIN is specially formulated to resist yellowing over time, ensuring that your creations remain vibrant and captivating.

Majestic creations await you: with the high viscosity of OCEAN RESIN, ensure impeccable results in resin art techniques for creating sea waves, geodes, marble effects, and more.

🌟 Safety and Shine: create a glossy, self-leveling surface that is perfectly odorless, solvent-free, and certified as safe after curing.

📞 Have questions? As direct manufacturers, we offer professional support on our products: if you have any questions, contact our dedicated support team, we are happy to assist you.

The high-viscosity epoxy resin OCEAN RESIN is ideal for:

  • Ocean art and other resin works on surfaces: waves, marble, geode, abstract, spatial art, etc.
  • Art panels and other artworks
  • Protective coatings

If you love sea waves: choose the high-viscosity epoxy resin OCEAN RESIN! Buy now and transform your art into masterpieces!

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