SIL FOOD Food-grade silicone for molds – Create in the Kitchen too!



Those who differentiate themselves always stand out!

Are you looking for certified food-grade silicone to create complex and long-lasting molds for unique cakes and chocolates?

Do you want to turn objects that have a special meaning to you into your favorite chocolates and cookies?

Or perhaps create personalized popsicles or ice cubes, adding unique value to your work?

SilFood: Certified food-grade silicone guarantees maximum quality, safety, and extraordinary durability! Finally, a certified silicone that allows you to meet any demand from your customers!

What are its advantages?

  • Easy to use – 1A1 (designed specifically for beginners!) to save time and improve your efficiency
  • Perfect for creating unique and 100% food-contactable molds: chocolates, cookies, personalized popsicles, ice cubes, food sculptures
  • Its food-grade certification according to European regulations ensures the highest quality of raw materials and maximum safety for you and your customers.
  • Very high tensile strength and very flexible, allowing for easy and quick demolding of the model
  • Low viscosity to recreate any detail without imperfections
  • Durable and long-lasting, allowing you to demold the model easily and quickly many times over!
  • Requires no maintenance and is easy to clean.

Why choose SilFood?

With food-grade silicone, you have the opportunity to create perfect certified molds for food contact that are unique and personalized compared to pre-packaged industrial molds, with great advantages for you.

Amaze your customers with trendy creations of the moment!

Who is it for?

The product is perfect for anyone who wants to create high-quality molds: from pastry chefs, chefs, bartenders, wedding planners, event organizers to artisans and creatives!

Create personalized molds with SilFood and stand out with unique creations!

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Create complex and long-lasting food molds for cakes, chocolates, and other delicacies with SilFood, the food-grade certified silicone. Transform any object with a special meaning into personalized chocolates or cookies, or create custom ice pops and ice cubes with added value.

SilFood is easy to use, even for beginners, and guarantees maximum quality and safety thanks to its food-grade certification according to European regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004). With high tensile strength and exceptional flexibility, you can easily create perfect molds.

Choose SilFood to create unique and personalized food molds instead of pre-packaged industrial molds. Amaze your customers with cutting-edge creations and buy our food-grade certified silicone now. Ideal for pastry chefs, chefs, bartenders, artisans, and creatives of all kinds.


SIL FOOD is a 1:1 addition curing duplicating silicone with low viscosity, making it ideal for producing extremely precise and detailed silicone molds. It has excellent mechanical properties due to its high tensile strength and flexibility, making it easy to demold the model, especially in the case of undercuts. This silicone does not require wetting agents and is odorless, thanks to the cross-linking added with a platinum catalyst in component A, polymerizing without shrinkage.

It can be easily and conveniently mixed with its 1:1 volume ratio and can be poured multiple times with almost all casting compounds. Additionally, it is resistant to temperatures up to 200°C.


SIL FOOD is particularly suitable for all molds in the industrial, artisanal, and hobby sectors.

This silicone is physiologically harmless (can be used on the skin) and is perfect for food use as it meets the requirements of the BfR and FDA.


Instructions for processing:

Place the clean model in a suitable mold or container. Mix the A and B components of SIL FOOD at room temperature in a 1:1 ratio for about 1 minute until a uniform and streak-free color is obtained. Then pour the silicone steadily in the same spot, with a thin flow, until the entire model is covered. See the table for working times. The release agent (Sil Food TMV) is necessary when pouring silicone onto silicone or for particular materials. At a room temperature of 23°C, the model can be demolded after the curing time (see table). The curing time can be reduced by adding heat (e.g. to 50°C). Do not pour the silicone mold before another 20 minutes have passed, in order to restore deformations that occurred during demolding.

Note: if the material or room temperature is above 23°C, the working time is significantly reduced.

Attention: some model materials contain “platinum inhibitors.” They prevent the silicone from hardening on the contact surface with the model. Recommendation: clean the model thoroughly and test with a small amount of material before pouring; if necessary, isolate the model with Sil Food TMV.

SIL FOOD for food use: When used with food, the silicone mold must be degassed or baked. Put the mold in an oven at 200°C for about 4 hours.


Technical data:

Final hardness 26

Working time (min.) 30

Demoldable after (min.) 360

Viscosity (mPas) 5200

Density (g/cm3) 1.10

Elongation at break (%) 430

Tear strength (N/mm) 11.0

Tensile strength (N/mm2) 4.5

Color Purple


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