CHRISTMAS HOME RESTYLING DIY KIT – the best gift for her 🎁


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Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with the “Restyling Kit”, the perfect gift to awaken creativity in this enchanted season! This exceptional kit is an invitation to explore a world of possibilities, ideal for creating masterpieces that capture the spirit and beauty of Christmas. 🌟🎨

The kit includes:

  • 800g of very liquid transparent epoxy resin, as bright as the twinkling Christmas lights 🌌
  • 500g of beige quick resin (30 min) Polyform colorable ❄️ –
  • 3 snowflake mold for DIY Christmas decorations🎁
    + 2 Colorfun white and blue dyes 25ml as a gift!

With this kit, transform every creation into a unique Christmas memory.

Polyform resin has a light beige color, but by adding white color you can achieve different shades of snow white color.

Let your imagination take off and infuse your home with a festive, creative and totally unique spirit. A Christmas with the makeover kit is a Christmas full of creativity, sparkles and festive vibes! 🏡💫

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The “Do It Yourself Home Restyling Kit” contains extraordinary products and allows unlimited creativity by creating molds and reproducing casts of what you like most! It is ideal for making decorative friezes and creating cameos, suitable for a shabby chic, vintage or romantic style.

The Restyling Kit contains:

  • 800g fast transparent epoxy resin
  • fast beige resin (30 min) colorable Polyform 500 gr
  • 3 snowflake mold for DIY Christmas decorations
    + 2 Colorfun white and blue dyes 25ml as a gift!

To start giving shape to your ideas you will already have everything you need:

  • Very liquid transparent epoxy resin
  • Colorable beige resin, it will help you give shape to your imagination!

Once poured into the molds, the transparent resin takes 12 hours to solidify and 24 hours to harden completely.

After 24 hours the decoration can be painted as desired with any technique: you can use dry brush, crackle, frottage or pickled; it can be patinated with glazes or colored waxes.


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