Welcome to Creating Homemade Soaps with ArtSoap!

Are you a fan of homemade soaps? Have you ever thought about making your own craft soap, just the way you like it? Now you can!

Thanks to ArtSoap soap bases, you can create your own DIY soap safely, without using caustic soda. Find out how with us!


What makes our soap base unique?

Traditional craft soap is created using fat and caustic soda, a complex and potentially dangerous process when made at home, especially if there are children or pets.

We at ArtSoap, however, have found a solution! Our prepackaged soap bases completely eliminate the need to use caustic soda. They are safe, easy to use and allow you to experiment with your creativity.

How to Make Your own DIY Soap with ArtSoap in 3 Easy steps

1 Warm Soap base: Our soap bases are ready to use. Just heat in a water bath or microwave up to 60 C

You can choose between the classic bases for soaps, Marseille soap, shea butter or even the delicate sheep’s milk!

2 Colour it and add scents to your liking: Use our ColorSoap soap dyes to give your soap a unique look and finally add your favorite fragrance from the “Aromas” range. We have a wide range of colours and fragrances to meet all your needs.

3 Pour the mixture into the mould: After adding dyes and fragrances, pour the mixture into the soap mould and in just a few minutes it will solidify and be ready for use! Discover all our original shapes for unlimited creativity

Turn your soap into a work of art

Our soaps can be decorated to suit any style or occasion. You can also use them as home fragrances or transform them into the most imaginative and creative forms to make real pieces of art.

In the Artsoap Range all the secrets of the Soap Maker, such as purifying clays with anti-inflammatory effects, and Cream Soap mousse to create unique decorations that will make your soap as beautiful to look at as it is beneficial to your skin!

There is no limit to your creativity with ArtSoap! Try it today and start making your own DIY soap!

Want to know more or still have doubts?

Read our complete guide on how to make your own handmade soaps or contact our specialists, who are here to help.

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